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Essay 1: Assignment & Topics
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Directions: Write a five-paragraph essay in response to one of the two options shown below. Make sure you use the correct rhetorical mode (narration or description) specified for each topic. Submit it by uploading your essay to El: Essay 1 Turnitin Dropbox.
Option 1 (Narrative)
How did you and/or your family come here, to this city? Tell the story in scene, moment to moment. Include setting, dialogue, gestures, names of people and places. Tell the year, the season, the moment-to-moment sensations of your journey.
Option 2 (Description)
Describe a person, place, or scene that represents Miami to you.Make sure to include the elements of descriptive writing: sensory details (sounds, tastes, smells, colors) figurative language (similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification, etc.) and spatial organization (above, below, to the right/left, inside/outside, etc.). You may also include details such as names of places and peoples to situate the experience. Describe the season, the weather, and other spatial details, and include dialogue, setting, and gestures as well if they are relevant to your description.

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