1.Describe the basic ethical issues addressed from both a medical and a legal perspective within the script. What unethical behavior was shown by both members of the medical and legal community.
2. How were the ethical issues for the attorneys integrated with their personal ethica as moral adults?
3. Describe the role of the witness for both th plantiff and the defense in terms of their ethical behaviors.
4. What influence did the plantiffs have on their attorney’s behavior?
5. Compare the ethical behavior of the plantiff’s attorney vs the defendents’s attorney.
6. Did the plantififf’s expert witness help or hurt the case?
7. Comment of the judges’s ethical behavior.
8. Discuss whether or not you feel that the jury’s decision was ethical or emotional.
9. Do you feel that the movie depicts real life events or is it just “drama”?
10. What changes would you have made within the script?




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