Experience and thinking about language teaching

Project Requirements
Your final project should demonstrate your experience and thinking about language teaching materials and the important role it plays in language learning and teaching. It includes two parts evaluation and adaptation according to the course reference book Material and Methods in ELT Teacher Guide by McDonough and Shaw.

Choose English language teaching book and decide on 2 units where you need to apply the following:
Part 1: Evaluation
Part 2: Adaptation
Your evaluation and adaptation will mirror the 2 chapters of both evaluation and adaptation of the reference mentioned above.

Part 3: one unit constructed by you where you reflect your ideas and your vision of what you can consider a very good choice to teach English Language.

At the end you should include the cover page, title page and content page. You are requested to submit a soft copy of the 2 units which you have considered to do your evaluation and adaptation. You can scan these pages and make sure these pages are saved as pdf so I can check them to mark your project.

Project Assessment:
Presenting your ideas and how you tackle each point is very important and the overall coherent of your writing and building your argument. Attached the rubric to mark the project.

Part 1

The project is meant to be an application of knowledge into practical and more real-life experience.
you need to choose an English language course book of any level from our local schools.

Part 2
The process of doing your project

  1. Upon deciding about your book to be evaluated, choose 2 units for the project.
  2. Read the chapter of evaluation and start with internal evaluation as the external evaluation is not needed in this case because the book is already been taught at school.
  3. While reading internal evaluation, check the 2 units to see points that you can consider for your writing. For example, if you would like to check the 4 skills presentation and you look at your book how it is presented. Then you check all the points indicated by McDonough regarding skills presentation. This way you are evaluating the skills presentation according to the chapter.
  4. You can follow the same for all the ideas presented in your 2 units according to the evaluation chapter by McDonough.
  5. Once you are done, revise all the points you found and have again a final look at your 2 units.
  6. To turn to adaptation, it is usually more flexible. Where you revise your points you did for adaptation and you check ideas presented in the chapter of adaption and you can apply those ideas where it is suitable. For example, if less practice for new sounds or new grammar then adding technique can be the suitable one for this case. And you do the same for the rest of these points.
  7. This way you have finished part 1 evaluation and part 2 adaptation. The information you gained by doing the above parts will help you to have experience to do part 3.
  8. For part 3 you develop one unit which can help learners the best. The purpose of developing this unit is to help you in the future in case you need to design your own teaching materials.
    Part 3
    here is the third part which is how to submit your project

The formal of the project:
First page “cover page” which I attached above.

Content: where you can list what you have in your booklet
Sample Unit

Introduction: you write one page or less an introduction about what you are going to do. Also, you will introduce the book which you are going to evaluate. And write a short description for the book.

Evaluation: you write very briefly like one paragraph about the 2 units you will evaluate. Then you start your evaluation. By the end of this section you provide copies of these 2 units. If you have a pdf of the book you can include just the pages you evaluated. If you have a hard copy then take good pictures of these pages and just paste them in this section.

Adaptation: you write about the points you have discussed in evaluation and what you may apply to adapt or solve the issues in that unit.

Sample Unit: you design a unit which to be added as a kind of materials of your own design and development. But of course, you can borrow reading text from interest if you need one or activities or ideas to construct your unit. You can borrow whatever that it will help you to develop the unit but you have to state at the end references of these materials as a professional act and to avoid plagiarism. Just as any teacher who may borrow from the internet but must always refer to the source.

Plz use the “”WeCan_1_StudWork_Book”” to choose 2 unite from it.
For the book “”WeCan_1_Teacher_Book”” just to help you to know more information if you need.
plz don’t use out resources

Sample Solution