External Forces and Their Impact on Healthcare

Healthcare quality and safety are not solely dependent on the actions of individual providers and organizations A host of external forces exert a profound influence on what happens within any single healthcare organization or the behavior of any individual provider. Some of these external forces include accreditation bodies, regulators, legislatures, insurers, as well as many other entities. Sociopolitical forces, including the economy and public opinion, also play a role in how and how well healthcare is provided. It is also important to note that external forces can have extensive or minimal impact on quality, depending on the situation.
For this Discussion, you will select an external force and analyze how it may influence healthcare quality management. You will also determine whether the impact of the influence is positive or negative in nature.
To prepare for this Discussion:
• Review the Learning Resources.
• Choose a specific example of an external force that influences healthcare and safety, as discussed in Chapter 2 of your course text.
Post a comprehensive explanation of the following:
• Identify and describe the external force that you selected.
• Explain how the external force influences healthcare quality management.
• Determine whether the impact on healthcare is positive or negative. Justify your thinking with evidence.

Sample Solution