Eyes and Memory and Reluctant Fundamentalist

write a comparative analysis of ONE of the following topics, incorporating Breath, Eyes and Memory and Reluctant Fundamentalist into your discussion:

Cultural Identity/Diaspora

While these topics overlap, you want to choose ONE of them and form a debatable argument in which you emphasize either the contrast between the two novels or make a connection. You also want to ground this analysis in a theoretical framework; that is, refer to the work of a scholar who has written about your topic. I recommend Edward Said’s “Reflections on Exile” or the introduction to the 2017 volume on Migration Literature published by Penguin Books, but you can use other sources. Finally, your argument should have significance; that is, it should reveal something new or thought-provoking about your topic.

The following are required but not limited too:
-Contextualize: Introduce your reader to the texts before you analyze them and situate these works of fiction in their historical context.

-Have a debatable argument. If someone can’t disagree with your argument, it’s not debatable.

-Engage with a scholar who has written about your topic, either to agree or disagree with his or her views

-Establish the significance of your argument: What new insights about your topic emerge through your literary comparison?

-Organize your ideas effectively using a block structure or a point-by-point analysis. Which structure you choose will depend on whether you are emphasizing connection or contrast.

–Create effective transitions within and between paragraphs.

Sample Solution