Factors that contributed to industrialization in Great Britain.

Essay Option 1:

Between 1450 and 1750 Western European nations discovered new continents, acquired colonies, and created new trading routes. Why did Europeans undertake these endeavors and how did it change the world? In your answer, please discuss all of the following aspects:
• The voyages of discovery, the conquest of the Americas and the establishment of colonies in the Americas
• How the Atlantic system and the transatlantic slave trade were created and how they changed Africa, the Americas and the Mediterranean
• The Columbian Exchange and how it led to global changes in ecology and diets

Essay Option 2:

What caused the Industrial Revolution? How did it change the global balance of power? In your answer, please address all of the following elements:
• The main factors that contributed to industrialization in Great Britain.
• The main ways in which industrialization changed life in Europe
• How industrialization, including both the economic growth and technological advances that came with it, contributed to the success of European imperialism worldwide between 1789 and 1914

The Short Essay should have the student’s name, class and Essay Option number at the top of the first page. It should be typed, 12 point font and double spaced. It should have an introduction with a thesis statement (argument), main body and conclusion. Students should write in complete paragraphs and sentences. They should avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Students should also avoid writing in first person, e.g. “I, my, me or mine.” Essays should strive to answer all of the questions, giving specific examples for each question.

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