Federal and private programs

This report provides a comprehensive overview of building meaningful K-20 partnerships within and external to the university setting. By providing best practice and helpful insights regarding developing partnerships, the reader can identify points that are transferrable across institutions. This report provides specific examples from one HBCU that are applicable to peer institutions, both public and private. Factors for consideration are highlighted in this report such as increasing enrollment, increasing employability measures, and using federally funded programs to highlight in order to build other external partnerships. Specific ideas around African American graduates from HBCUs are noted related to K-12 educational systems and post-secondary education seamless partnerships.

Key Sections:
• What federal and private programs can be of significant benefit for university partnerships at HBCU’s?
• How do other organizations and educational entities in K-20 benefit from an HBCU partnership?
• What K-20 partnership commitments can increase enrollment at HBCUs?
• How can P-12 practice be enhanced through HBCU K-20 partnerships?
• How can HBCUs establish K-20 partnerships that lead to employment opportunities for graduates?
• What recommendations and best practices can be offered to HBCU’s seeking to increase meaningful K-20 partnerships?

Sample Solution