Field Experience

• In your field site, does the teacher have guidance strategy that is used, such as a sticker chart, a colored card system, or a traffic light system? How does that system work? Is it effective? Is it only used to track inappropriate behavior or does the system catch the children being good and reward them?
• What is the language of guidance used in the classroom that you are observing? Is it effective? Why or why not?
• Look around the classroom, what can you identify as indirect guidance strategies. Why?
• In the classroom, describe how the teacher used natural or logical consequences to correct a behavior. Using what you’ve learned in chapter 8:
• Look around your field placement. What has the teacher done to welcome families? How does the teacher keep the families informed about the days/weeks/ activities?
• Evaluate the center/school/classroom newsletter. What is included in it? Is it family focused? Do the children contribute to it?
• One of the NAEYC standards is Building Family and Community Relationships. Describe how they classroom teacher demonstrates that standard. Using what you’ve learned in chapters 9 & 10:
• What activities in your field experience classroom, demonstrate the anti-bias, self-help and inclusive environment?
• Describe 5 transitions with activities that are done in your classroom.
• Ask your supervising teacher to explain her lesson planning process to you. Ask if you can observe how she plans her lessons. What factors does she consider? What resources does she use? How does she evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson?
• Evaluate how NAEYC Standards 4 and 5 are being demonstrated in your field placement.
• If there is a child in your field placement that has special needs, observe the modifications that the teacher used with that child to teach the lesson. If no modifications are used, note that as well, and then conference with the teacher about possible modifications to use in the future.
















































































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