Read chapters 10,11,12 and the conclusion in Mastering Money
Answer the following questions:
Go to http:/ figure out who you would want to hire
as your adviser (you cannot hire me). Why did you decide to go with this person? Keep this person in mind
for the future if you ever need help.
When you think about your personal happiness and how it relates to money, what is “your number”? In
other words, what income do you think you need to make per year to be happy and why?
What material things would increase your happiness? A special car? House? i want you to put a number
on your happiness.
If you are in a relationship (or ever were), did you have any issues related to money that needed to be
solved? If you were never in a relationship, what do you think would be some issues you might encounter
in the future?
Do you have any friends or family members who are not on the same page money-wise who you think you
might need to talk to?
Now that you are done with the class, what is the ONE most important thing you will remember from this

Sample Solution