Financial literary exercise

  1. Review the following websites and do additional research to learn how choices made
    today will create their future. The goal is to discover the gaps between your expectations
    and the real world. By learning how to close those gaps, you can create a detailed plan
    to achieve the future you want. Use what you have learned to start thinking about your
    personal Financial Situation.
  2. Note that you are to work through all exercises, to ensure you understand how to manage
    your personal finances.
  3. Prepare your Individual report. Make sure that you make use of financial concepts from
    the course, and support your decisions with Financial statements and Financial theory
    (e.g. balance sheets, cash flow statements, Net present value, Net future value
    calculations, investment issues, etc.).
  4. The framework of your Report should be as follows:
    a. Introduction/Background about who you are.
    b. Present Situation (evaluate your present financial position (use the financial
    concepts and theories)
    c. Vision for the Future (Indicate your life dream – use what you have learned from
    your research; define the financial cost of seeing that dream materialize; rework
    your budgets, etc., to demonstrate how the choices that you make will help you
    reach your development goals and the vision.
    d. Outline your strategy for getting from your present position to your dream
    e. Concluding Statements – summarize; make decisions about redefining your
    choices, timelines for reaching your goals, etc.
  5. All decisions are to be supported by financial theory, to demonstrate your financial
    literacy (the level of your understanding in applying such theory to get your preferred

Sample Solution