Findings Section

Paper detar’s Analysis Once you have completed your observations, review your field notes. Examine your data by looking for recurring patterns or themes: what does the data reveal? For this assignment, you should try and identify at least three themes.
In order to help you code your data if its on paper, you could photo copy your field notes, then physically cut up and reorganize the components. If your notes were done electronically, that same copy and reorganize strategy can be done in a word processor or graphics application. Regardless of what tools you use, it is good practice to leave your original field notes intact. Do not destroy or alter your original observations. This will preserve an undistorted view for any future analysis.
After you have looked over your field notes, write up what you have found. Ths is where you will apply your sociological knowledge. Think like a sociologist and make sense of what you observed. This section should include:
What did you find? Identify and describe your three themes As an observer, did you have any emotional responses to what you witnessed? If so, what do you think this might reveal about the social space and the interactions that happened there? Do you have any insights for future research? If so, what are they?






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