Food Nutrition and Health

You are employed in the regulatory affairs department of ?delta Foods Ltd. The company has several production plants in Europe and products are designed for the EU market. Market research has identified strong consumer demand for development of a new “Healthy You” range of products. Your group is asked to develop a fruit smoothie called
VIVA-Fruit Smoothie 4U

In addition, Delta foods also produces a plant sterol , compound x which has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol in a series of human, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trials. The company also imports Chia seeds for use in food products. It is proposed that a combination of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries cranberries, compound x and chia seeds is a possible option for the fruit smoothie. The product will be sold in the chill compartment of supermarkets throughout the EU.

Prepare a product dossier for the Management Board of the company,
Issues to considered are
• Product Description
• Ingredients (Novel Ingredients?)
• Production and processing
• Composition
• Efficacy of novel ingredients
• Safety issues and risk management
• Regulatory Pathway-
• Relevant legislation
• Labelling
o Mandatory Labelling requirements
o Nutrition Label
o Nutrition and Health Claims Legislation
o Novel Food Regulation

Nutrient Composition/100g

Blackberries ( Raw)
Energy 25kcal/104kJ
Protein 0.9
Carbohydrate 5.1
Of which Sugars 5.1
Fat 0.2
Of which Saturates trace
Fibre 3.1
Sodium 3mg

Raspberries ( Raw)
Energy 25kcal/109/kJ
Protein 1.4
Carbohydrate 4.6
Of which sugars 4.6
Fat 0.3
Of which Saturates 0.1
Fibre 2.5
Sodium 3mg

Strawberries ( Raw)
Energy 27kcal/113/kJ
Protein 0.8
Carbohydrate 6.0
Of which sugars 6.0
Fat 0.1
Of which Saturates Tr
Fibre 1.1
Sodium 6mg

Cranberry Juice
Water 85.5
Energy 61kcal/259/kJ
Protein Tr
Carbohydrate 14.4
Of which sugars N
Fat 0
Of which Saturates 0
Fibre N
Sodium N



Sample Solution