Forecasting performance.

This week you will use an excel spreadsheet to analyze forecasting performance. Your company produces and
distributes two lines of Consumer External Hard Drives: 1 Terabyte drives (1 Tb) and 5 Terabyte Drives (5 Tb).
The unit sales levels and forecasts for the last two previous years are in the table below. For this exercise, You
have been asked to calculate the Forecast error, Forecast Percentage, Mean percentage Error (MPE) and
Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) for (a) each type of terabyte (b) each year, and (c) for each two-year
period. The concepts, equations, and examples for how to calculate these forecasting effectiveness are
covered in your textbook on pages 107 – 114. Finally, for each set of problems you will provide insight into the
sales trends, and forecasting effectiveness with a written summary of your findings.
Assignment Instructions:
Utilize the Excel template attached below for this assignment. Label your submission document as follows:
yourlastname_Assignment4.xlsx (ex: Johnson_Assignment4.xlsx)
Carefully read the problem statement in order to understand what you are asked to analyze.
Plagiarism in any form will result in an automatic zero for this assignment:
Using another author’s exact words without quotations AND without an in-text citation
Paraphrasing by changing a couple of another author’s words and claiming them to be your own.

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