Foundations of Cyber Security

Based on your desktop or laptop that you are seriously using for your production/work etc.; using criticality=1 and asset value = $1000 and answer these following. NOTE: H: BY HAND, RQ: RISK QUANTIFIER, CRS: CyberRiskSolver Sec Meter (using Direct button on the very left hand) as to be found in the software repository whose license codes you were given in class. The license codes cannot be sent via email for security purposes. No two data sets can be alike as each will use their own data from their own experience of equipment usage. A) All 2x2x2 design: i) QUALITATIVE/H,RQ; ii) Hybrid/H,RQ; iii) QUANTITATIVE/H,CRS (for this section select your own reasonable Vulnerabilities and Threats and Countermeasures as given exactly same as in the class ) B) All 3x3x2 design: i) QUAL/H, RQ; ii) Hybrid/H, RQ; iii) QUANT/H, CRS (for this section select your own ‘reasonable’ Vulnerabilities and Threats and Countermeasures)

Use 5 differential values for Qualitative attributes such as A=V(Very High=0.9), B=H(high=0.7),C=M(middle=0.5), D=L(low=0.3), E= W(rare=0.1) for now. Do not neglect to enter the values for RQ software by using enter button after each data entry and use ‘enter rows’ button as needed.

NOW: Important. For the QUANTitative: use the Direct (on the very left-hand side) button. For the QUALitative and QUAL/HYBRID input data options: use the Risk Quantifier (RQ) app to verify your hand (H) results. NOTE: HW 1A, B, C [ for Question 2.5 in Gollman on p. 29 use qualitative data H(hand) and RQ (Risk Quantifier) software procedures as in the Qualitative data ] also need to be submitted.

Each student is supposed to submit HW1-D in a separate folder with hand calculations for each procedure supported by the software screenshots displaying input data and output results.

Sample Solution