You have just been assigned to Frank Kendall’s new task force on overhauling the Chaos of the Pentagon’s Billion Dollar Services Market. Read the “Breaking Defense” article Kendall to Overhaul ‘Chaos’ of Pentagon’s Billion Services Market” and answer the following questions utilizing the attached references. Please ensure you incorporate discussion of key elements of the Seven-Step-Process where appropriate.

1. What specific issues and/or problems has the article pointed out?

2. Describe how what you’ve learned in MN4311 Contracting for Services could help solve the problems identified?

3. What other problems with service contracting has Frank failed to identify?

4. How would you address/resolve those other problems Frank didn’t mention – perhaps with the Seven-Step-Process?

5. Does DOD have the right number of contract specialists and contracting officers to effectively execute your recommended solutions?




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