Do a research paper answering the question:

Georgia Wanke, like Prinz, is deeply interested in the ways biological claims ae often used to reinforce cultural inequalities, particularly around gender.
Where do these authors’ analyses overlap, contradict, ad extend one another?
Write an essay in which you teach your reader what is at stake in these conversations-and for whom-according to these authors, and to you.
Where do you stand in this still-evolving debate?

This question is from Chapter 15, pages 625-640 of my English book titled “From Inquiry to Academic Writing” by Stuart Greene & April Lindinsky.

The paper should include a thesis statement, introduction, body, works cited, and bibliography that includes 5 major references( e.g. science journal
articles, books, but not more than two internet sites).

**Periodicals available on-line at not considered internet.

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