Gendered Education in the United States

Many experts believe that education in the United States is gendered. That is, boys and girls are educated and treated differently throughout their academic careers. For this assessment, write an evaluation of gender and education in the United States. Address the following in your evaluation:
• Are boys and girls taught gender in our public school systems?
• Are female and male college students given equal support?
• What differences are there in how college students evaluate male and female instructors?
• How can gender bias be reduced or eliminated in the classroom?

Critically analyze issues related to gender and communication.

Evaluate and explain how K–12 schools can intentionally or unintentionally enforce gender roles.
Analyze and describe how colleges and universities either support or disregard gender issues on campus.
Identify effective leadership strategies that promote effective communication between men and women.
Evaluate and summarize the role of gender in the student–instructor dynamic.
Outline and describe how to reduce or eliminate gender bias in the classroom.

Sample Solution