Great Depression

Great Depression what caused it and why did it last so long?
Write complete and thoughtful answers – in your own words (plagiarizing will receive a 0) – to the following questions and submit them typed to submission area. This should be written as a short research paper cite the Text by the author, and video along with any other sources you use – MLA style. You can use as much sources you like but it need be good sources not Wikipedia. PLEASE USE SIMPLY LANGUAGE as need to sound I did it, my professor ask to be in our own words. The number of pages I’ll put in 4 pages, but I’ll leave open to the writer if need 1 more or even less 1 page and I’ll pay or deduct it. You’ll need watch those 3 videos linked at the bottom page and use some as source too. I’m annexing a zip file with some phot form the chapter of our class ebook so you can use it too but, It will requires cited all work and use more source such as the links videos on the bottom page and two or three more sources. Please put question as section title. You are encouraged to use other sources, they should be quality What caused the Crash of 1929 ? provide a detailed list of all the factors – other than obvious – stock prices went down. Why did unemployment reach 25% in 1932 – specific reasons? What was it in 1928 ? What was the Smoot Haley act ? what was the effect of it – be specific? What did the Federal Reserve do from 1922 -1928? what should they have done after 1929 AND did they actually do ? What did Hoover and FDR do that prolonged the Great Depression?

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