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The exhibit and trade show industry was quick to embrace the Internet because of the high costs of producing and sending the many forms necessary to stage a trade show. Many groups now make their forms available online, rather than faxing or mailing documentation.

Using a search engine, search for “exhibitor’s service manual (kit)” and “exhibitor prospectus.” You will find examples posted by meeting groups and exhibition service contractors.

Evaluate the quality the thoroughness of two of each of these online forms and answer the following questions:

1.Was the exhibitor prospectus from an association or corporate meeting group? Provide the name of the association or corporate you found? Who posted the prospectus—the association or corporate meeting group or the exhibition service contractor? (0.3 points; 0.1 points for each sub-question)

The prospectus is used for promotional purposes and aims to attract the audience so that they can participate in the exhibition as well. As directed in the instructions, the search engine was used to search for the exhibitor prospectus. The exhibitor prospectus was from an association named ADEA—the voice of Dental education—and was posted by the leaders who belong to US and Canadian Dental Schools under one roof. The association itself posted the exhibitor prospectus.

2.Is a floor plan included in the exhibitor service manual (kit)? Does the exhibitor contracts with the exhibition contractor or the meeting group? (0.2 points; 0.1 points for each subquestion)

The floor places are included in the service manual kit. This is added because it can be used to direct the attendees to the exhibition space. The exhibits contract with the exhibition contractor or meeting group as all promises are made legal by performing some paperwork. Also, there are some service charges which must be paid by the exhibitor to the exhibition contractor for making things smooth. The floor plan can be presented in a virtual way where a proper sketch of the floor is made and labeled properly so that it can direct the audience to the place where the exhibition is being held.

3.Explain the difference between the “Exhibitor Prospectus” and the “Exhibitor Service Manual (kit).” (2.5 points; one paragraph )

There is a huge difference between both documents. These word documents are used for both the terms because the content is available in the document form and can be used as a source for presentations, attract new buyers, etc. The exhibitor prospectus is a promotional brochure sent to the prospective exhibitors to encourage them to participate in a trade show. The event management team sends the document. However, the service manual kit provides intricate information about the show including deadlines so that there is nothing left behind at the time of the real event. In addition, it allows for prioritizing the task and giving the order to show services, obtain interactive order forms and browse Freeman products and services.

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