Having a client

It is the end of the month and the manager reveals a report from her deputy director that the family service unit
is in non-compliance with state regulations for monthly home visits. In other words, the case managers in your
unit did not meet the required two home visits mandated by state law. Your manager asks you to provide a
report to the deputy director that addresses the following items:
What steps are being taken to address the issue?
How will your team ensure compliance in the following months?
Describe what you will do to ensure this issue does not occur again.
In a summary discuss a management approach that could be utilized with your unit explaining
Why you believe this approach will be effective.
The name of the book is Text(s): Management of Human Services Programs by J. A. Lewis, T. R Packard & M.
D. Lewis, 5th edition, Cengage ISBN: 9780840034274

Sample Solution