Health care as public good


I. Personal Theory of the Public Good
a) How do you define the concept of the public good? In other words, propose a personal definition of the public good based on an examination of multiple theoretical concepts of the public good.
b) How does your definition fit within broader discourses concerning the public good? Justify your claims concerning how your personal concept of the public good fits within the broader theoretical discourse by citing specific theories from this broader discourse.
c) What benefits and costs/trade-offs are associated with your definition of the public good? Justify claims concerning which populations will benefit and how they will benefit under the personal theory of the public good. What costs/trade-offs/sacrifices will accrue under such a theory of the public good?

II. The Problem
a) HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA) Why is this issue important to you?

b) How is the problem relevant to the real-world practice of politics? Justify your claims
c) To whom do you believe the HEALTHCARE is most relevant? Justify your claims
d) How does Healthcare fit within the concept of the public good that you have outlined above? In other words, why is the personal theory of the public good sufficient to propose solutions for the chosen political issue?

III. Research
a) How do the quantitative and qualitative sources you have chosen analyze the issue? Use peer-reviewed, academic sources, ensuring that both qualitative and quantitative sources are represented. Describe how these sources analyze the chosen political issue.Healthcare
b) What methodological perspectives are represented by Health care? Evaluate how your choice of methodological perspective affects the source’s approach to analyzing Healthcare.
c) How has the research informed your approach to conceptualizing the issue? In other words, how has an examination of diverse sources affected the conceptualization of the chosen political issue? Health care in America
d) What ethical implications are raised by the articles you have analyzed? Assess whether or not the sources you have evaluated adhered to political science ethical guidelines. What impact do the ethical standards have on the sources?

IV. Solutions
a) Informed by the research you have conducted, how do you think HEALTH CARE can be most effectively addressed? Justify your reasoning.
b) How have perspectives contrary to your own position informed your solution to the HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA?
c) Why is your solution best for the real-world practice of politics? Justify your claims.

V. Conclusion
a) What ethical implications are raised by the solution you provide to HEALTHCARE In other words, evaluate the ethical implications of the proposed solution to ensure conformity with political science ethical guidelines.
b) How does the solution you have provided best serve the public good as you have defined it? Justify claims.



Sample Solution