Heathcare Analysis


For this discussion, select a problem or topic (that is healthcare related) and describe how descriptive analytics could be used to resolve the topic in focus.

Answer these questions along with the topic:
-What is happening? (what is the topic, what does it do?)
-How often and where is it happening? (where is the topic happening and how often?)
-What may be causing the results? (how is the topic causing the results?)
-When should action be taken? (what action towards the topic can be taken?)

Here is an example:
What is happening?, How often and where is it happening?
“Many people today are using Fitbit fitness trackers. The tracker’s built in goal is for the user to take 10,000 steps per day.”
What may be causing the results?, When should action be taken?
“How do we know 10,000 steps per day truly makes us healthier? I think we should study some users who take 10,000 steps per day and explore if those users truly are healthier than people who do not take 10,000 steps per day. ”

-The easiest way to complete this portion of the assignment is to think of something that annoys you in today’s healthcare system and focus on how the issue can be resolved using data.

-Note the problem does not have to be solved in this discussion, but a problem has to be presented along with a descriptive data could be used to solve it.

Sample Solution