Propose a high-level quality improvement initiative for a selected departmental strategic priority, and choose an effective method of presenting your proposal to executive leaders and other stakeholders in the organization and community.

Explain the rationale for establishing a strategic priority.
Describe the overarching aim and focus of your proposed quality improvement initiative.
Use the evidence-based literature to provide broad rationale for establishing this priority.
Present the key points from a SWOT analysis of a chosen strategic priority.
Consider the organization’s political landscape and strategic priorities.
Identify key performance indicators for measuring the success of a quality improvement initiative.
For example: infection rates, customer satisfaction, financial performance indicators, productivity, nurse satisfaction, or other internal metric.
These indicators could align with those identified on the departmental balanced scorecard.
Explain the value of stakeholder feedback and the process for collaborating with stakeholders on the proposed quality improvement initiative.
Identify key stakeholders and explain why their support for this initiative is crucial to its success.
Explain how you will leverage stakeholder feedback.
Explain how one contemporary change theory could be used to facilitate changes inherent in implementing a quality improvement initiative.
Make policy recommendations to support the proposed quality improvement initiative.
Your recommendations could entail developing a new policy, revising a current policy, or retiring a current policy.
Describe the policy implications of this initiative and their impact on the organization.
Justify your recommendations.

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