Hight incarceration rates in the minority juvenile justice system

Discuss a relevant theory that will guide your research on this topic—in other words, what theory
provides an understanding of your topic. You may find ideas for this from the literature you are reviewing. (1-2
II. Strategies for Reviewing the Literature (10 points)
• How did you search for literature? For example, what keywords and databases did you use to find articles?
• How many articles did you find that supported your topic?
III. Review of the Literature on the topic (40 points)
• Each member of the team needs to Identify & read at least 4 peer-reviewed research journal articles. What are the important concepts/ideas related to your topic found in the literature? Describe these.-Make sure you identify and define important concepts related to your topic in the literature review.
• Make sure to cite the authors of the study using the appropriate APA format.
• For each study, describe the type of research design that was used and the type of sample (what kinds of
people participated in the study)
• What were the major findings of each study?
• Note: Each member of the team should identify who wrote each section of the literature review
IV. Your critical analysis of the literature (20 points)
• Did each article you read to address the following o Did the studies you read clearly state the purpose of the study?
o Did the authors in their own review of the literature present a balance of literature that supported their research and other literature that had different perspectives?
o Were the reviews of the literature in each article related to the topic of each study?

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