History of United States

Choose TWO of the following questions

1. Around 1500 three different continents co-mingled in North America. Describe the similarities and differences of the civilizations of native-Americans, Europeans, and Africans at the point of contact. Include division of labor, religion, economy, government and cultural and scientific achievements. Why were the Europeans able to dominate? 2. Contrast Colonial New England with Colonial Chesapeake. Include description of their economies, religious practices, labor sources, government and familiar patterns. Were these differences caused more by topographical factors or immigration patterns? 3. Defend or refute the following statement: “The struggle was not over high-sounding political and constitutional concepts, over the power of taxation or even in the final analysis over natural rights. It was over colonial manufacturing, wild lands and furs, sugar, wine, tea, and currency, all of which meant, simply, the survival or collapse of English mercantile capitalism within the imperialist-colonial framework of the mercantile system.” 4.Winning the Revolutionary War was easy in comparison to creating a new government. Discuss the issues facing the nation after the American Revolution, in regards to creating a new government. Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? And in what ways did the founding fathers compromise at the Constitutional Convention? 5. Despite any mention of the creation of political parties in the constitution, a two party system developed in the United States. Compare and contrast the Hamiltonian Federalist party with the Jeffersonian Democratic/Republican party. Include differences in membership, philosophy, federal vs. state power, economic issues and foreign policies. Which party would you have supported and why?



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