Homeland security

Select a topic of interest in homeland security for your Select a specific geographic region; either (1) a town, (2) a state, or (3) a body of water or coastline. Select one of the following general areas in which to narrow your focus for your project: Intelligence and Homeland Security Crisis Management and Homeland Security Risk Management Leadership Challenges Preparedness, Planning, and Development Technology and Homeland Security WMD and CBRNE Detection Technologies DHS and DOD Requirements and Coordination Laws and Policies Governing Technologies Health and Homeland Security Disease Mitigation Disaster Aftermath Bio-terrorism Psychological Aspects Domestic Terrorism Ideological, Economic, and Geographical Components Targets of Opportunity (TOO) Cyberterrorism Critical Infrastructures Utilities Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerability and Protection Emergency Transportation Logistics Narrowing Your Topic Once you have a good idea of a topic area, proceed to the following steps: How do I state the topic clearly and succinctly? What do I consider the most interesting and relevant portions of the topic? In what order do I want to present the various aspects? How do my ideas relate to each other? Is my topic of current interest and importance?







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