Horizontal Thinking

The clinical support system of a healthcare organization provides core contributions to services that adds value to the customer. The horizontal thinking within a healthcare organization creates an environment that is:

Patient centered—Priority is Value.
Highly reliable—Do the right thing.
Efficient—The best possible way.
Quality Driven—Excellence.
Satisfaction—Patient and Staff.
Health systems are made up of a vertical system of general services, providing prevention and care for prevailing health problems, and of specific health conditions working in silos of individual departments. However, many times there is a need of collaboration of healthcare services through communication transitions of patient information, test results, diagnostics, acute care, and prevention programs. In the Horizontal system of general services, components are more integrated. The intervention of the health care delivery system, therefore, constitutes the vertical–horizontal interface linking the healthcare workforce constraints of system. A constructive collaboration between clinical support services is urgent, because the delivery of interventions requires by far the largest portion of the health care services that supports patient needs in fulfilling a target state of a safe, effective, patient centered, timely, efficient and equitable health care delivery system.

Creating a value stream is an essential tool utilized to map the current state for analyzing and designing an ideal state for services from its beginning to end through the perception of value to the customer. The value stream map helps a healthcare organization see constraints in the delivery of health care services. In addition, it shows the linkage and flow of valuable information and essential services, as well as providing a measurement of efficiency and quality outcome. In order to achieve a well-managed healthcare organization of excellence, it is critical to align clinical support service and create an environment of continuous improvement.

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