Hospitality problem solving report

Managers within the hospitality industry are required to make decisions and solve problems. When
resolving complex problems, managers may be required to undertake an investigation and develop
possible solutions. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to undertake a project which
will assist you in developing the skills and knowledge needed to successfully undertake this role.

Select one topic to be discussed/investigated from the list included in the appendix. This chosen topic
will then be a foundation for you to identify a problem occurs at your placement organisation. As you
select a topic you may consider how the topic aligns with your future career aspirations, how it may
assist in developing your capabilities and competencies or how it aligns with your placement.
If you would like to undertake an alternative topic which is directly related to your professional
career plan or the industry placement provider, you must consult and seek approval from the WIL
Unit Lecturer.

Sample Solution