How I fell in love with cars


Upon completion of the assignment, you will have formulated through research, analysis, and organization of material, the narrative type of oral presentation to inform.

In this assignment you are to develop and organize a 4-5 minute personal narrative speech. Development and organization is demonstrated in both organized oral delivery and in a complete written outline of the speech. You will deliver your speech extemporaneously telling your audience about one or more important aspects of your identity.

For this assignment you are asked to inform your audience about yourself. Narratives are a type of informative speech. This could be a story/narrative about something that happened to you that illustrates an aspect of who you are. It could be a delineation of two or three important characteristics with examples supporting them. Think about the elements of a good story – characters, plot, and suspense. Also think about basic organization, your speech should include an opening or introduction, a body or the story points, and a conclusion or a wrap up of your message. You only have 4-5 minutes so it doesn’t need to be extensive. You are talking about yourself. Your research involves asking yourself key questions and narrowing your topic appropriately. No citations are required.

Here’s what I wrote so far:
According to some people a vehicle is used for transportation but for some people they are toys .
My love for vehicles started when I was a kid because my uncle worked on cars in his garage and every time, I would go to his house there would be a different car. Then I started going to car shows and built a taste of lowriders, muscles cars, truck, and exotic cars. I would say I been to mostly every car shows in northern and southern California. Now for the last three years I been going to a show in Monterey where theirs only modified exotic cars. When the cars reved and shoot flames it was like music. Then two years ago I bought a professional camera to make videos and take pictures of the cars at car shows.

The work needs to be done in Narrative Outline template.

Sample Solution