Human factors for Aviation Maintenance (Aircraft)


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AERO2350 Human Factors in Aviation Safety – Individual Assignment
Lecturer: Dr Richard Yeun; Dr Jose Silva; Dr Selina Fothergill
RMIT Course Co-ordinator: Dr Richard Yeun
VERSION Issue: 1
1. Due Date (Submission of Individual Assignment Report – In Microsoft Word ONLY via Turnitin): Monday, 28 May 2018
2. Your report should be submitted via the course website using the “Turnitin” Group assignment tool. (Submission times are electronically recorded). Standard penalties apply for late submissions as per RMIT Policy which may include zero marks after the due date.
Overview of Assessment
This individual assignment requires students to research the human factors associated with an accident as assigned by your lecturer within the aviation sector groups below:
Aviation Sectors Groups
1. Unmanned aircraft systems (or drones)
2. Air traffic control
3. Aviation maintenance
4. Helicopter operations (civil or military)
5. Airport ground, apron, and fire and rescue services
6. Cabin operations (flight attendants)
7. Aerial work / agriculture (e.g., aerial mustering, crop spraying, aerial surveying)
8. Air-to-air refuelling (manned or unmanned)
9. Air carrier operations (airlines, general aviation)
10. Sub-orbital vehicles (e.g., Virgin Galactic operations)
The objective is to develop an academic research report. The materials should succinctly inform your peers of the human factors associated with the selected accident(s).
Assessment Deliverables
Individual Research Report (40 Marks)
The report should present the research undertaken and major findings.
The report must be between 3000 to 3500 words (main body font size – 11pts, line spacing – single). The total word count is based from Sections 5 to 7 only.
Penalties may apply for failure to meet this requirement.
The body of the report is limited to 20 to 25 pages excluding front matter (title page, table of contents, etc.) and references. The title page must include the name, student number, and the assigned human factors topic.
References should follow an approved bibliographic style (see Helpful Resources).
The report should provide a concise description of the research undertaken, providing an outline of the purpose, research method, findings, and main conclusions.
Helpful Resources
Report Writing:

Sample Solution