Evaluate an argumentative point ” Main Topic – IMMIGRATE, ASSIMILATE / Amy
Chua” Main Paragraph : Evaluate an argumentative point. 1- In what ways do you see the author’s voice being
used? 2 – How does the author’s own voice (not the sources’ voices) drive and frame the argument? 3 – What
does the author use for support for the point? (for example, logic created by the author, sources, a
combination?) 4 – Is this effective, in your view? 5 – Why or why not? 6 – Does the author use any logical
fallacies? If so, name them and explain why they are fallacies. If not, explain why the author’s logic is solid. 7 –
Does the form of this reading match the form of the writing we are learning: full essay paragraphs? If so,
explain why and how. If not, explain why you think this particular piece of reading does not use academic essay
format and what you might do to revise it. In other words, if there are many short paragraphs, could you put
some together to form single paragraphs that are still driven by the author’s voice?

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