Impact of overground systems on residential housing prices in Beijing

Use empirical analysis. Use Hedonic Pricing Models.

the paper has been finished, but the part of models are not qualified, so you need to used my data to construct Hedonic Pricing Models and revised this part of paper

  1. The literature review should begin with the balance of supply and demand for house prices. Followed by a discussion of the factors that affect house prices and how these factors interact to determine house prices. Use some charts show the supply and demand curve and how the curve moves when these factors change.
  2. Discuss the reasons for choosing the Hedonic Pricing Model over other models. Analyze their strengths and limitations.
  3. Construct a rationale for certain variables chosen. For example, choose the distance from the residence to the subway line or the distance to the subway station as a variable. (The data available just has the distance to the subway station.) Analysis the expected impact of choosing these variables.

Sample Solution