In store visit and retail analysis

This assignment involves you being a ‘mystery shopper’ at a store of your choice. Please refrain from the old standbys such as Walmart, Starbucks, Kroger’s, Macy’s. Choose organizations you know little about and can learn from

Visit the store and evaluate the overall in-store marketing used by the retailer. You will appraise the store layout, design and visual merchandising techniques employed as itemized below.

What is the retailer’s name, location, essential product lines, and four of their primary competitors? Identify and describe the characteristics of their target market(s).

• Is the store layout, design and visual merchandising effective in attracting their targeted customers, particularly considering their competition?
• Does the store need a face lift, update, remodel or renovation? What improvements would you suggest? What about the customer service counter?
Does the sales staff use suggestive selling? Is the image of the staff consistent with the image of the store? Explain.

Research the Company you visited and comment on how the following contributes to its success:
• Company Headquarters
• Company History
• Demographics
• Marketing and/or Business Strategy
• Revenue and Financials
• Projected New Markets
• Industry Analysis – What is the present industry doing?
• Your Thoughts on the Organization and Where it is Heading.
Value Proposition
What do you perceive to be the retailer’s value proposition? Do you think the store’s operations supports the company’s value initiatives?

What consumer behavior motivations is the retailer trying to accommodate? Briefly conclude your evaluation with suggestions on how this retailer can improve the shopping experience for their customers, increase sales, and improve their image.




Sample Solution