Influenza and covid-19

This paper is not a summary or general explanation/lesson on your master topic. It needs to be hyper-focused
on distinct aspect of your master topic and spend no time writing about the basics of your topic. It needs to have a thesis and evidence from peer reviewed journals to support this thesis. Do not use I, Me, or My
Assume the reader (me), already has a solid working knowledge of the topic. Think of it like writing a paper for
a fellow expert, find something interesting you would want to share with a fellow expert on your master topic.
You must paraphrase all of your research. This is an activity to test your ability at finding scholarly research
articles, reading those articles, understanding those articles and putting the information you found into your
own words in a coherent example of written communication. The process should go like this:
Choose your topic from the list of topics available (See Above Link) First come, first serve : only one topic per
Research peer reviewed journals through (My favorite databases are JSTOR and Science Direct –
Please see the Research Methods lecture for more information
While reading these journal papers, pay special attention to the Abstract, Introduction,
Background/Significance and Discussion sections. Take your own notes, do not just highlight.
Drawing upon your research, gather and distill the knowledge you have just gained about your specific subtopic and write your paper, in your own words, describing this new and novel information for a University level
audience. You want to summarize your findings so that the reader will leave with a good understanding of what is cutting edge in your chosen topic’s field.

Sample Solution