International business

Write a 2000 word essay with references and select one of the following questions.

  1. Why did the BRIC concept gain such prominence, and is the attention given to BRIC economies justified by the trends, extent and nature of FDI linked to these economies?
    2.What role does culture play in international business? Is it simply a st of barriers that firms must overcome, or does culture also provide opportunities that international firms can exploit?
  2. Internationalising firms face a number of barriers when trying to establish themselves in overseas. What are the most important of these barriers, and how can they be overcome?
  3. “Swedish firms often develop their international operations in small steps, rather than by making large foreign production investments at single points in time. Typically, firms start exporting to a country via an agent, later establish a sales subsidiary, and eventually, in some cases, begin production in the host country” (Johanson & Vahlne,

  4. 1977, p. 23). Explain whether the Uppsala Model was ever universal, and whether it is relevant today.
  5. The Prime Minister “should order a full review of the UK’s takeover rules and consider a public interest test. It is not anti-capitalist to say so; rather, it is to recognise that companies operate within society” (Guardian, 19th March 2017). Explain why some international takeovers generate such hostility, and whether this is a global rather than a purely British phenomenon.
  6. In February 2017, the Economist claimed that multinational companies are in ‘retreat’. What are the key existential threats that multinational companies face, and how might they overcome these?

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