International Strategy for Noodles and Company

International Strategy for Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company has been doing tremendously well in its home area, Colorado, USA and all over America. It specializes in serving noodle meals but also offers other meals for example soups and sandwiches. Given its undeniable success in America, Noodles and Company have plans to go international. They aim at spreading their business, not only in the USA but all over the world as well. The international goal for Noodles and Company is to be the leader in creating fast-casual cuisines that are infused with fresh quality ingredients and flavors from all over the world.

  • Strategy 1: For Noodles Company to achieve its desired expansion plan, an international strategy is required.

This will require the company to open up more branches worldwide as it aims at achieving its international goal within a span of ten years. Different cultures all over the globe have their own traditions and customs. Traditional meals are a major part of people’s customs. Each culture has some meals prepared from ingredients put together in a way that makes them particular and unique to that group of people only; a meal to identify a certain people. Noodles and Company has a target which majorly involves creating cuisines associated with various cultures globally. This involves acquiring ingredients and flavors that originate worldwide that people from diverse regions can identify with. Without doubt, this will go a long way in attracting customers of distinct origins who still appreciate their roots. To attain this, Noodles and Company has some strategies in place to ensure accomplishment of its goal.

  • Ojective 1: To enquire and research more about other cultures of the world and their traditional meals in pursuit of knowledge and information on how to make the most sought-out cuisines both in the domestic and international market.

Doing market research will be the cornerstone of Noodles and Company’s business success in the international market. Having the best knowledge about the requirements of the customers in the new market segments will give it a considerable height above its competitors, thus attaining the required competitive advantage.

  • Strategy 2: Noodles and Company will use the home replication strategy to carry out its functions.

This type of strategy will make things much easier as it simply involves an extension of the home-based performances and activities to the international level.  That is, inclusive of the marketing, production and sales methods among others. The strategy first and foremost ensures that the domestic market is kept satisfied and happy rather than neglected as the company explores foreign markets. It is a more viable option owing to the fact that it is known for reducing costs as compared to other strategies. It also eases implementations as it mostly requires exporting. Moreover, it is relatively easy to implement and usually the first one to be adopted when firms venture abroad.

Home replication strategy primarily focuses on the local customer and views the international customers as a way of magnifying the success at home. Noodle and Company plans to get more information from the local customers about other cuisines they may be aware of and would like to be availed to them. Information and knowledge on people’s culturally preferred meals is key. This will be acquired in various ways we intend to mobilize. Some employees will be required to travel around the globe and carry out intensive research on different clans of people and their meals. The best dishes will be identified and thereafter we shall identify the most fresh quality flavors available for the meals. In other words, Noodles and Company will find a way to make the dishes tastier and more appealing to various people.

  • Objective 2: To ensure the retention of former domestic customers and probable addition of more foreign and domestic customers.

This is a goal that is possible to achieve. Over a period of ten years, Noodles and Company should be a household name all over the world. We will be known for the best cuisine available not only in America but in the entire globe. The success of Noodles and Company will be replicated from the domestic level all the way to the international level.