Interrogations/ Confessions

Use the psychological issues that contributed to the wrongful prosecution of this case (interrogations/confessions) and analyze how this factor contributed to the prosecution of the defendant. You will need to identify
three empirical articles on the psychological issue you selected that also are related to the facts of the case. This means that each of the papers should have at least one experiment where they are collecting data
and testing their hypotheses. Your paper should clearly:
1) Make an argument for how (eyewitness identification or interrogations/confessions) contributed to the defendant’s wrongful prosecution (approximately 1 page).
2) Provide a critical analysis of each the three articles that you identified as supportive of your argument (in #1). For each article, describe the research question tested by the research, describe how the authors tested
that question and what they found, and relate their findings to the case presented in the documentary. If an article has more than one experiment, choose one of the experiments for this portion of your paper. This analysis should be critical, noting strengths and weaknesses both in the study itself and in its relevance to the case in question (approximately 1 page per article).
3) End with an evaluation of the overall prosecution in this case in light of the material we have covered in class. You should discuss both eyewitness identification and false confessions in this section. Finally,
make recommendations about how the prosecution of this case could have been improved




Sample Solution