Interviewing a social worker

Can you describe an experience when the engagement of the client was challenging as well as a time when it went smoothly?
What do you think was the difference between those situations?
What are strategies did you use to manage your own personal responses to clients as they engage them?
Is there anything about the engagement process you would want me to know as a new social worker that we haven’t discussed?
Create an annotated bibliography on engagement, using three sources from professional journals. Describe the content of each article. Compare the points
made in the article with your findings of the social worker’s experience. Be sure to reference the APA Annotated Bibliography.
Based on what you learned from the interview and your research, what steps would you take to engage a client in the initial sessions? Be specific about
details regarding introductions, explanations of the proposed social work/client interaction. What is important to know about the client in the initial sessions?
What strengths do you think you will bring to the engagement process? What concerns do you have about this initial stage of contact with clients? What
strategies are you considering using to manage your concern now that you have researched the engagement process through an interview, your research and
our course content?
These will be graded for fidelity to APA style, evidence of reading, and evidence of understanding concepts from the readings and integration of the research
and the information gathered from the interview.

Sample Solution