Write a project about technology use in Smart building, it is Concasa Project, the company name is SITP Inc
Base your topic on technology use in smart building

The link about technology use in smart building :



Please do the scope about technology may be use on smart building.
1. Scope part : (perhaps can be 2 pages)
1.1 Scope
1.1.1 In Scope
1.1.2 Out of Scope
U can make the scope maximum 2 pages

Second, what u need to do is project implementation strategy & project plan, structure below,
(This one maybe 5 pages, don’t forget put Gantt Chart in last page.)
1.1.2 Project Implementation strategy
11.3 Project Plan
11.3.1 Phase 1 – Test / Pilot
11.3.2 Phase 2 – ………
11.3.3 Phase 3 – ………
11.3.4 Phase n – ………
Implementation Gantt chart
Third, is about Project Critical Success Factors ( probably 3 pages)
11.9 Project Critical Success Factors
11.9.1 Functional Success Factors
11.9.2 Non-Functional Success Factors
11.9.3 Project Success Factors

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