John Cage (Orchestra with Soloist)

  1. Watch:
  2. Read and Review this essay about this work:
  3. Watch the performance: choose one of these:
    Austin Civic Orchestra
    4’33” John Cage (Orchestra with Soloist, K2Orch, Live
  4. Complete the following in 300 words minimum:
    Please number your paragraphs and make sure you do all four; do not write one long paragraph.
    Paragraph 1:
    State the definition of music you mentioned at the beginning of the semester and explain why this piece is or isn’t music to you. Be specific. (My Definition of Music: Music is something that you feel and touches your emotions)
    Paragraph 2:
    Has this module (or this class) changed/reinforced your personal definition of music? How?
    Paragraph 3:
    List the elements of music (Beat and Meter, Dynamics, Harmony, and Melody). Reflect on how at least three of the elements are or are not manipulated in this piece. How do the presence of certain elements and lack of other elements impact the piece’s success? Please be SPECIFIC.
    Paragraph 4:
    Referring to the interview with Cage and the essay on the work, what is your reaction to Cage’s ideas about silence? What is your emotional and intellectual response to this piece?

Sample Solution