Kärkkäinen Chapter 5.


  1. Review Kärkkäinen Chapter 5.
  2. For your initial post, be sure to incorporate your response to each of the items below:
    o From Kärkkäinen:
     Karkkainen discusses the Spirit in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Summarize this section, giving particular attention to the discussion of theosis (deification) in Eastern Orthodox theology. This should be one large paragraph.
     Briefly explain the significance of Vatican II for Roman Catholic pneumatology.
     Be sure to demonstrate the gist and depth of this section with several specifics.
     What is your personal assessment of Roman Catholic pneumatology, after having read this section?
     Karkkainen discusses the doctrines of Justification and Deification in his section on “The Spirit in the Lutheran Tradition.” What is your response to this–particularly in regard to theosis and the Christological emphasis in western theology? (be sure to note K’s caution to us in not equating Luther with Lutheranism)
     Compare and contrast the distinctive features of Pentecostal vis-a-vis Charismatic pneumatology–as Karkkainen has so identified.
    o General Question:
     What is your overall response to the readings this week?

Sample Solution