Knowledge Transfer; Performance Management; On-The-Job Training


SLP Assignment/ 2 pages Required Video: Review the following video and follow it carefully as you prepare your assignment. For this assignment, view the video, which immediately follows. The video explains an exciting new performance appraisal approach where 50% of the appraisal focuses on past performance, and 50% on goal setting for the future. This is a program called “Full Cycle Performance” which was recently rolled out at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. This system devotes time also to the setting of SMART goals. Unfortunately, many appraisal systems in organizations today do not give enough attention to goal-setting and future goal achievement. The Full Cycle Performance is adaptable to all organizations. UNCW Dare to Learn Academy (2016). Full Cycle Performance: Employee Empowerment Virtual Workshop (for employees). Retrieved from Standard YouTube license. (for SLP 1)   (UNCW, for Employees, 2016) [Note: If a video is interrupted, bump it up a bit.] Optional Video: The video listed below is designed for managers and supervisors. It is optional for you to view if you are new to goal-setting. UNCW Dare to Learn Academy (2016). Full Circle Performance: Goal Setting and Calibration (for supervisors and managers). Retrieved from Standard YouTube license. (for SLP 1). (UNCW, for Supervisors/Managers, 2016) SLP 1 Assignment: 1.Follow the golden circle approach (as discussed in the required video on Employee Empowerment above). This video discusses Simon Sinek’s golden circle approach (2:34 minutes into the video). You should start with the why and describe with passion and purpose what you do at work. 3.Brainstorm what you might want to include as your own goals. Consider the following questions and briefly answer them as you prepare your brainstorming list: a.What can your supervisor do to help you do your job more effectively? b.How can your supervisor assist in furthering your career growth? c.What do you feel are going to be your biggest challenges this year? d.What training, development, or resources do you want/need to be successful? e.What would you like to say 12 months from now that you currently cannot say? How can your supervisor help? f.What would you like to accomplish this year? 4.Develop 3-4 Smarter Goals based on your information above and discuss them in your talk. (Be sure to also show your goals in visual form). 5.Provide a short conclusion to your presentation. Please upload your submission by the module due date. SLP Assignment Expectations Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the relevant issues drawing on your background material. Show your ability to synthesize information and submit a concise and meaningful talk. Cite any sources of borrowed information, preferably in APA style. Proofread your visuals for grammar, spelling, and word-usage errors.

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