Language Contact and Loan Vocabulary in Maltese Language from Arabic and English: A constructive linguistic study

1. Do you prefer answering questions orally or writing the answers in English class? Why?
2. Do you think that you can speak English better than your classmates?
3. Are you afraid of making language mistakes while speaking in English?
4. Do you think that the way of correcting language mistakes in English class has a negative
effect on your willingness to speak in English? Why?
5. Does the previous knowledge of the topic that is being discussed help in the reduction of
your speaking anxiety and make you more confident while speaking?
6. Does your classmates’ opinion affect your willingness to speak and participate in the
English classroom?
7. Can the idea of being evaluated affect your willingness to speak in the foreign language
8. Do you think that group work can reduce your speaking anxiety in English classroom?
9. Would you feel less anxious if you know all your classmates?























































Sample Solution