Latinos in the US

Analyze the experience of Latinos in the United States through Latino literature. Instructions for Analysis: 1. Read the following stories all found as handouts in the module on Latinos in the U.S. • Excerpt from “Hunger of Memory” by Richard Rodriguez • “Daughter of Invention” by Julia Alvarez • “America” by Richard Blanco • “Kipling and I” by Jesus Colón 2. After reading all the stories, ask yourself what 3-4 experiences they COLLECTIVELY tell us about what Latinos experience. You do not want to summarize each story. You want to draw out 3-4 experiences you think they speak to and first write about those. Instructions for Writing 1. Write an introduction that introduces the experiences of Latinos living in the U.S. 2. Explain one of the experiences you think these stories speak to and fully develop that idea first in your own words. After you’ve written your thoughts in your own words, you are then going to support each thought with specifics from multiple stories. You don’t have to use all the stories to support one point, but you must use more than one story to support each point AND you must use all four sources somewhere in your paper. 3. Go back to each point you’ve elaborated on in your paper and use specifics from the stories to support those points. Again, you will be demonstrating that you’ve read the sources and you will be using those sources as the support for your paper. Use specifics from multiple sources to support each point. Do not use only one source for each point since the question is what they collectively tell us. The stories are: Aria (from the Education of Richard Rodriguez) – Richard Rodriguez Daughter of Invention – Julia Alvarez America – Richard Blanco Kipling and I – Jesus Colón




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