act as the Marketing Research Manager of a division of Knorr, a multinational company that markets a range of food products. Your task is to prepare
for the possible launch of a new and unusual frozen soup product, simultaneously into two European markets of your choice.
You should: ?
1.1 Critically evaluate the potential in two European markets of your choice for the possible launch of frozen soup, using appropriate academic theory and models.

1.2 Provide basic marketing intelligence for decision on (1.1).
1.3 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an array of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, through a critical analysis of available literature.?
1.4 Select appropriate research to be included in a project conceived to provide the desired, actionable information.
1. Write the brief for future research for this business scenario, to be sent to a leading Market Research agency. You should include in your brief the background information, the key business issues and an idea of what the company is hoping to achieve by conducting the research project. Consider all the relevant variables within the Marketing Mix that the research agency would need to know about and suggestions for a research approach (To Be Confirmed by the research agency).




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