Describe a situation that involves a critical health care or public health issue related to staff retention within a major city hospital. It should involve substantive issues that require a resolution. After describing the situation, explain how you would approach and manage the situation as a leader. (You may use these bullet points as headings for each paragraph): 1. Description of the situation. 2. Analysis of the ethical challenges involved. 3. Analysis of leadership challenges involved. 4. Analysis of the implications for patient outcomes and safety. Stakeholder analysis. 5. Leadership approach (theory or style) to address the situation. How will you share your vision? 6. What communication or leadership style will you use if others challenged your vision? 7. How will you make decisions and consider personal and ethical principles you are not willing to violate? 8. How will you manage your personal beliefs about diversity, inclusion, and generational differences? 9. How your leadership philosophy or strategy for dealing with the challenge. 10. Your expected outcomes.




Sample Solution