4 min recording preparation of social work core- subject (Leading and Managing in Human Service Organizations)
Based on the attached file (case study), prepare for the 4 min transcript of role Play recording (social worker) and that police officer. The negotiation
process is to make the agreement with that police as much as possible. You don’t need to focus on the addressing task completely in this 4min role play.
The important is on the process to make the agreement as much as possible and how to matin a positive relationship during arguing. However, before when
u prepare this, Plz login my account and need you master this subject completely. However it will fail and leave the focus on the role play. Additionally, U
also need to prepare the reaction of that police officer. The first three week powerpoint is very very important when you prepare this transcript of recoding,
particularly on week 3. Its unlikely to disregard and as well i attached a feedback file for you that you can know how to reach the standard during the 4min
recording role play. Rmb you need to reveal the negotiation skills and integrate theory and practice to my role play. Additionally, I attached the course
outline that fulfill your familiarity of this course that can perform well on the role play recording.

https://lo.unisa.edu.au/course/view.php?id=13364My account
Name: LEUTY012
Pw: HKboy111
E-reading to master the course which is needed to read.

When the recoding start, you imagine you finished that conference about DV and find the police officer. You dont need to introduce yourself. During the
negotiation process, what does the Social worker/police officer want. what is the common ground. What is SW/ PO batna, source of power. You need to
carefully analyze before you start that negotiation.

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