Leading versus Managing

Leading versus Managing? Is there a difference?
This question has been asked and answered many different ways over the decades. Your task is to research the difference between Managing and Leadership using three (3) or more sources outside of our textbook.
Based on your research you are to:
• Compare and contrast the two.
• Support your analysis using content from your research and our class
• Use research material and content covered in class to analyze your own behavior/actions where managing or leading was demonstrated. You must include 2 examples.
• Presence of effective introduction and conclusion (10 points)
• Demonstrated comprehension of the difference between management and leadership (30 points)
• Analysis of both in relation to your own style or approach including specific examples (30 points)
• Overall effectiveness including grammar, spelling and organization of paper ( 20 points)
• Outside sources cited in APA style (10 points)
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Sample Solution