Legal concepts

Case Study:
Dr. Doe firmly believes in the terminally ill having right to choose to die. Richard Roe is an 80yr old man who is of sound mind but is dying of cancer; he is in great pain, the pain is expected to increase as his health declines, and he is expected to live no more than 3 months. Homicide (the killing of another human being) is illegal. Physician assisted suicide is prohibited by statute. Dr. Doe entered into a contract with Richard Roe whereby he agreed to assist Richard Roe in committing suicide in exchange for $1,000.00. After assisting Mr. Roe in committing suicide by supplying Mr. Roe with the necessary prescription medications, Dr. Doe requested the $1,000 fee from Mr. Roe’s estate. The estate refuses to pay him.

Issues Presented:

  1. What are arguments for the legality of the contract?
  2. What are arguments against the legality of the contract?

Sample Solution