Legal/Ethical Issues of Social Engineering

Legal/Ethical Issues of Social Engineering Most individuals have at one time or another, received a phishing email claiming to be from someone of great importance who needs money and if transferred will ensure personal riches for the sender. Although it is known that these e-mails are frauds, unfortunately, they sometimes do work! This is not the only scam being perpetrated either; for example, fake PayPal, Bank of America, etc. phishing emails are abundant. Scenario: We have targeted a company with 1000 employees spread out over five locations. In this instance, we have discovered that the company deals with insurance claims for the health care industry. As most know, health care companies or companies that deal with private health care information must be compliant to certain government regulations, including HIPAA. Your job is to design a Social Engineering Scenario (pretext) that will be used for employee training to combat phishing.

  1. Research the applicable federal and state cyber laws regarding phishing or pretext. 2. Design a pretext scenario, making it as realistic as possible. Pretext scenario should reflect industry standard technical writing. 3. In a 500- to 750-word document, explain the steps of implementing federal and state cyber laws by using the pretext scenario you designed. Prepare this assignment using APA Style. This assignment uses a rubric and will be checked for plagiarism. Please review the rubric to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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